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Domino V230i

The V230i thermal transfer printer delivers the performance to meet many of your high resolution coding requirements for flexible package labels in a single, versatile system.

With 2 print head width options available and capable of printing 6 codes per second in intermittent mode or at speeds of up to 750 mm/sec in continuous mode, the V230i ensures the printing of your thermal transfer labels is as simple and efficient as possible. Aiding this further, the system is easy to operate via our class-leading user interface QuickStep. For applications requiring coding large amounts of variable data then the V230i Solution option offers greater performance while still providing the V230i's ease of use.

The clever design allows the V230i unit to be easily retro-fit into most existing TTO brackets using a simple, cost-effective adapter and is compatible with other flexible label creation systems. This means you can gain the benefits of V230i by easily swapping out your existing thermal transfer solution with minimum installation cost and disruption.

A lower cost of ownership
The i-Tech Ribbon Drive eliminates the usual downtime associated with ribbon break and also offers lowest ribbon consumption, reducing both the cost of consumables and the number of changeovers often required in printing of thermal transfer labels. The use of a cassette further reduces downtime by increasing the speed of ribbon replenishment.


  • High quality, consistent thermal transfer overprinting from low to high speeds ?(10-750mm/sec)
  • Intermittent and Continuous mode coding in the same printer
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - increased efficiencies using 770m ribbon rolls, 60% Economy Mode and i-Tech Dancing Arms
  • Easy to retro fit - compact size allows existing thermal transfer brackets to be used. No compressed air needed. Compatible with other label creation systems
  • No dedicated controller required - works perfectly with a choice of interface devices
  • Class leading User Interface (QuickStep) for operational simplicity and reduced errors
  • Wide range of Domino ribbons to match your needs