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Company Overview

Telesis EVC

The TELESIS EVC marker is an extremely cost effective DPSS laser based on a proven advanced Q-Switched, fiber-coupled diode end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser platform for applications requiring high beam quality and stability. Its exceptional power stability at all power levels makes the EVC an ideal choice for engraving, annealed marking, or high speed marking on delicate and heat sensitive electronic components, thin foils and medical instruments. The EVC is completely air cooled with a very compact, easily integrated package requiring very little maintenance. With an expected MTTF for the pump diode of over 500,000 hours, down time is dramatically reduced. Because of the modular fiber coupled design, diode replacement can be completed quickly with no need to realign the laser. The compact footprint of the system allows for the easy integration into both manual off-line and automated in-