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Company Overview

Telesis EV25

At the heart of the EV25DS marking system is our air cooled, high power, industrial grade, diode-pumped, solid-state vanadate laser. It is designed to operate in the harshest of environments. With a pump diode MTTF of 250,000 hours, it will be able to maintain a peak performance for many thousands of hours of maintenance-free operation.

The EV25DS offers distinct advantages over fiber lasers and other solid state lasers due to its superior beam quality, providing smaller focused spot sizes and a longer working depth of field than competing lasers. The EV25DS provides the strength to tackle metals such as stainless steel, cobalt, and titanium, as well as provide the high marking speeds required for marking-on-the-fly (MOTF).

It also has the ability to do fine detail work, trimming, edge heat treating, and even marking delicate materials like plastics, foils, and labels. It produces superb annealed marks that stand up to the harshest of tests, high resolution 2D codes, and can produce unique color marks on various metals.