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Company Overview

Telesis EV15

The TELESIS EV15DS and EV10SDS markers are based on advanced Q-Switched, fiber-coupled diode end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser technology. The outstanding beam quality of these lasers makes them superior to all other markers of equivalent power for high resolution and high speed marking.

Additionally, the shorter pulse widths and high peak powers of this marker makes it the preferred choice for challenging marking applications on silicon or heat sensitive materials such as plastics or thin foils. The smaller spot size and extended depth of focus allows these lasers to mark much more highly irregular or curved surfaces than fiber lasers.

With an expected pump diode MTTF of over 250,000 hours for the EV15DS and 500,000 hours for the EV10SDS, system down time is dramatically reduced. Diode replacement can be completed quickly and the fiber coupled diode design eliminates the need to re-align the laser marker. The marker's modular design, housing the diode in the laser controller, eliminates a large heat source from the laser insuring maximum stability as well as the need for water cooling.