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Domino A420i

Reliably delivering your exact coding needs - with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The A420i CIJ printer is quite simply completely reliable - it is there for you when you need it on your production line, with class leading 99.75% availability.

The A420i simply has the flexibility to meet your exact date, barcode, 2D and other coding needs, with a range of high performance print-heads to exceed your line coding requirements - whether they are single or up to 5 lines for high speed, micro printing or difficult substrates. Domino's specialist, custom and i-Tech inks, available worldwide, are designed with optimised code quality, reliability and running costs. Moreover, our unique service free i-Tech ink system delivers ultra-low makeup usage, reducing costs and operator intervention.

From the moment you press the start button, the intelligent Technology within the A420i continuous ink jet printer reduces your total cost of ownership.


  • Lowest cost of ownership - efficient lowest makeup usage on the market today
  • Reliability through design - easy changeovers and simple consumables means the A420i is online for longer
  • Flexible - configured to your exact coding needs, with a great variety of print-head options
  • Easy to use - for a stress free line
  • Easy to live with - because your time is precious
  • Our SureStart unique print head nozzle sealing and flushing process guarantees consistent performance
  • Service free - with intelligence inside
  • Our revolutionary i-Tech Module constrains the working ink and ink filters, no maintenance needed at changeover time
  • The A420i comes in a standard mode, Pinpoint, Duo and XS.