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Company Overview

Loveshaw LDX-RTB A

The LDX-RTB A is an innovative random automatic case sealer that was developed for companies seeking a case sealer which processes random size cases without an operator. Cases are presented by the conveyor system with minors tucked into majors; with majors presented at 30 or less on horizontal.

The LDX-RTB A uses CaseLockerTM 60 series tape cartridges.


  • Processes weak, void and overstuff cases at high speeds
  • Robust design and components for high volume environments
  • Expansive case range
  • Easy access to motors, electrics and belts
  • Operates from either side with movable controls
  • Top drive assembly travels on hardened steel components
  • Long lasting non-contact sensors activate height and width adjustments
  • Top drive assembly locks with loss of air or electric
  • Interlocking safety gates