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Company Overview

Loveshaw A-15

Two benefits of the A-15 fully-automatic PackPoint are 1) increased throughput, and 2) better user experience.

There is less bending and twisting for the operator because cases are made available to the operator with a touch sensor. With more efficient use of labor, more packages are formed, packed, sealed, and printed or labeled. It unit also allows more personnel to be added to increase output even more.

All activity happens within a compact footprint. The small footprint A-15 is capable of processing up to 15 cases a minute depending on the operator's dexterity and types of product.


  • Touch sensor presents case to operator
  • In-line fully automatic case erector
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Chain and lug drive ensures a square case
  • Ergonomic design
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Primary Product Delivery