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Company Overview

Case Forming and Sealing

At CRS Data Solutions we focus our expertise on the conception and development of the best Loveshaw automated and semi-manual packaging systems in the industry. Whether you are just beginning to invest in packaging systems with a case erector or sealer, or are looking for a total turnkey packaging system, The staff of CRS has the expertise to help you plan and design a packaging system solution to fit your specific needs. Please visit the links below to learn more about our packaging systems.

Case Formers

Loveshaw case erecting equipment provides precise, reliable and cost efficient case forming. For over 15 years Little David Case Formers and case erectors have been easily integrated into company production lines around the world. Did you know that a case erector from Loveshaw can save your company time and money? That's right, a Little David Case Formers can quickly pay for itself even if your company runs volumes as starting at 500 cases per day.

Case Sealers

Uniform Case Sealers

Uniform carton sealing machines are designed to seal cartons that are a consistent size. We offer two different control options for our uniform carton sealing machines.


LD-X - Simple, economical
LD-Xss - Stainless steel
LD-7 - Economicall top / bottom
LD-3SB - Side-belt driven
SP-304 - Extended belts, folding bars
LD-19SB - Low profile, narrow cases


LD-16A - Fully automatic, no operator
LD-24 - Fully automatic, high speed

Random Case Sealers

Random Case Sealers are designed to seal boxes of different sizes on a packaging equipment line. As the name implies the sealer adjusts to seal boxes, cases or cartons of random sizes on the same line. We offer a wide selection of fully automated packaging systems as well as semi-automatic machines. We offer two different control options in our random case sealer equipment lines.


LDX-RTB - Top / bottom speed sealer
Legend - Top and bottom seal for low boxes


LD-16AE - Adjusts to box height
LDX-RTB-A - Top / bottom with auto height adjust

PackPoint Systems

Loveshaw offers PackPoint, one of the industry's only complete packaging systems that allows you to form, pick and pack, seal, print and label your products.

These stations combine a case erector, primary product delivery, pick and pack hand packing station, case sealer and optional printer and/or labeler. This takes 5 job functions and puts them into one compact unit.

Packaging lines change, as does your business. Existing integrated systems on the market are one solid structure and can't be broken apart. PackPoint is the only system made up of separate fully functional pieces. This gives you the flexibility to add, remove or interchange with other Loveshaw equipment to fit your needs.

When a full automation station may not be practical, this is a more efficient way to process materials than doing it by hand. This is optimal when visual inspection of your product station is required.