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UPA II Standard Printer Applicator

Universal Print & Apply (UPA II) Printer Applicator

Leading edge technology in product identification

The UPA II features

  • PLC Controller for full integration capacity
  • “Quick change” tamp head assembly for easy access to print engine
  • Easy-to-use operator touch screen
  • Ribbon and label low/out indicators
  • Proximity sensor in head "smart head"
  • Photoelectric product sensor
  • 12” roll capacity, 3” core
  • Product ON delay
  • Label out condition

UPA II options

  • Label on head detection
  • 3 Tier light tree system fault indicators
  • Heavy-duty T-base stand
  • Audible alarm fault indicator
  • External signal output
  • Tamp/blow applicator
  • Allen Bradley Micro 1200 PLC
  • Tamp/Blow applicator
  • Wipe-on applicator
  • Radio Frewquency Identification (RFID)

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