In the noble tradition of Hewlett and Packard’s one-car garage and Walt Disney’s one-room animation studio, CRS originated as a humble rubber stamp company.

A Short History

CRS Data Solutions was founded over 50 years ago, as City Rubber Stamp Co., primarily as a stamp manufacturer. By 1980, the company began distributing industrial marking products through the Marsh Company and by 1990, was selling Marsh dot-matrix on-line printers. In 1994, Frank Farrenkopf, a former banker and turnaround consultant, was hired as General Manager. The company grew and expanded its product line with the emergence of high-resolution case coding and automated labeling. In 2001, Frank and his wife Julie purchased City Rubber Stamp which became CRS Data Solutions, reflecting its new emphasis on marking, coding and tracking. In short order, by 2003, CRS Data Solutions was the #1 Videojet/Marsh distributor in the U.S. CRS remains in the vanguard of coding and tracking, staying abreast of the new technologies that drive the industry while retaining the level of informed personal service that defined the original company. CRS has expanded its reserve to include Domino-Amjet, HP, Universal, Microscan and Cognex among the many manufacturers whose products they will match to their clients’ needs. In addition to the home office in Portland, Oregon, CRS has added branch offices in Utah and Colorado and has six sales divisions across the Western U.S., ensuring timely response and easily accessible follow-up.

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